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Extra fees for advance rideshare reservations

Did you know: Uber, Lyft charge extra for advance reservations


It’s not unusual for rideshare passengers to accidentally forget their cellphone, keys or other common belongings in the vehicle. But Uber says people sometimes leave behind far more unusual items.

The company’s latest list of the oddest things riders forgot includes a toupee, a live turtle and a panic button. People are also prone to leave behind bulkier objects, such as a guitar. The most absent-minded passengers? Residents of Miami, Florida, while the most common time to forget personal belongings was 9 p.m. to 10 p.m., Uber said Wednesday. 

The rideshare provider said the best way to retrieve forgotten items is to call your driver. If you’ve left your phone behind, however, you can access your Uber account from a computer and contact your driver through its app. 

Here are the 50 most unique items left behind in Uber vehicles over the last year as described by passengers:

  1. Frontal hair toupee
  2. Hot sauce and a breathalyzer
  3. I left a leaf in your car that’s much needed
  4. Two containers with spiders in them
  5. A Beyoncé fold up fan
  6. A tray of meat pie
  7. Ceramic cat
  8. Jar of oysters
  9. A personalized blanket with a picture of me and my dog
  10. Small rat skeleton prop
  11. Candle that says ‘See you in court’
  12. A fake tooth / retainer (it’s a really small plastic piece with a fake tooth in it)
  13. Gray tub of surgical implants
  14. Police-grade handcuffs
  15. My live pet animal turtle
  16. Waist beads and a burrito steamer
  17. I left expensive blueberries that are special that I need that the store is completely out of. There’s two packages that I absolutely need.
  18. My girlfriend’s pregnant pills
  19. Small box containing a gnome. 
  20. Standup paddleboard paddle
  21. Painting from SeaWorld. It was wrapped up in a roll and I love it.
  22. A playbill from the Spamalot show at the Kennedy Center
  23. My robot
  24. Benihana garlic butter
  25. Contraceptive Plan B from Costco and a BaBylissPRO massager machine
  26. A panic button
  27. A spear and a furry fox tail
  28. Taylor Swift autograph. Framed!!!!
  29. Fart sensor
  30. Bravo Con wristband 
  31. A #bestdayever foam sign
  32. 3 feathers
  33. Fake butt
  34. Poster of Hillary Clinton
  35. Panty liner and 1000 bucks. That’s all I can remember
  36. Some lotion or my thong
  37. Meditation crystals
  38. Undergarments, bread, pack of ham and mayo
  39. Cardboard cut out panda
  40. Street sign saying ‘She’s drunk’ and a picture frame
  41. My father’s beard softener
  42. Big sentimental carrying jug
  43. Paternity test
  44. WWE championship belt
  45.  Harry Potter wand engraved with name ‘Alexander’
  46. Large sticker with a dancing cartoon cat that says ‘Spanky Fest’ on it
  47. I might have left my garden fence in the trunk.
  48. Jeep Liberty engine. Please call me
  49. I lost my wizard woman
  50. Three Japanese ceramic decorative cats – one gold, one black and one pink. All fist-sized.

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