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How Verizon Customers Can Claim a Share of the $100 Million Settlement

Verizon customers may be eligible for small payment in fee overcharging settlement

Verizon customers may be eligible for small payment in fee overcharging settlement


Some Verizon customers may be eligible to claim part of a $100 million class-action settlement, but they’ll have to act soon to cash in. 

The settlement resolves a lawsuit with Verizon Wireless subscribers alleging the mobile service provider tacked on an extra “administrative charge” to customers’ monthly bills to “extract additional cash” from them.  

Here’s what to know about the settlement. 

Why is Verizon paying $100 million to its customers?

Verizon is shelling out the money to settle a lawsuit filed by current and former customers last year. In the complaint, lawyers for Verizon users allege the company “deceived” subscribers by unlawfully tacking on an additional “administrative charge” to their service bills “without [their] consent.” 

In addition, Verizon “never adequately or honestly disclosed” the fee to its customers before they subscribed to its services, and “uniformly charged them higher monthly rates than it advertised and promised,” lawyers said in the complaint. 

Verizon denies any wrongdoing, according to the settlement website. The company did not immediately respond to CBS MoneyWatch’s request for comment. 

Who is eligible to get a payout? 

Current and former Verizon customers who had a postpaid wireless or data service plan and were charged an “Administrative Charge and/or an Administrative and Telco Recovery charge” between Jan. 1, 2016, and Nov. 8, 2023, are eligible to receive compensation under the settlement, the settlement agreement shows. 

Postpaid wireless plans are those in which holders pay for services at the end of a monthly billing cycle. 

How much is the payout? 

For eligible Verizon customers, the initial payout will be between $15 and $100, depending on the length of time the claimant has been a customer.

How do I claim the money? 

Affected Verizon customers must file a compensation request form through the claims website. Eligible customers should receive an email with a notice ID and confirmation code that will allow them to access an online portal where they can file a claim. 

To file a print claim, you can download and print a form through the claims website, fill it out and mail it to the address listed on the form. 

The filing deadline for claims is April 15, according to the settlement website. Claimants who file after that date will not receive compensation. In addition, they will also forfeit their right to sue Verizon over the allegations resolved by the settlement.  

How do I opt out of the settlement? Why do people opt out? 

You should opt out if you intend on filing a separate complaint against Verizon over any claims contained in the class-action lawsuit. 

To opt out, claimants must mail a signed exclusion request to the settlement administrator by Feb. 20. Claimants should address the letter to the following address:

Verizon Administrative Charge Settlement Administrator, Attn: Exclusions, P.O. Box 58220, Philadelphia, PA 19102.

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